Booby Track

Convenient and fun way to keep track of your breastfeeds, for iOS and watchOS

What is this?

This is an app available on iOS and Apple Watch, that helps you keep track of the last breast you fed your baby with when you're breastfeeding. The internet says it's good to alternate…

Wait… breasts?

Oh, right, let me explain — we just had our baby and we're breastfeeding. One Friday afternoon my partner asked if I could write an app for her watch so that she could keep track of the last boob she fed our baby with. So I did.

Oh… well, congrats on your baby!

Thank you — that's so nice of you to say! His name is Finn, and he's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen.

What kind of features does it have?

Well let's see… there's themes, a breastfeeding timer, custom notification sounds and app icons, it supports all the home screen and lock screen Widgets, all the Apple Watch Complications, Live Activities, Dynamic Island support, and iCloud sync.

Ok cool…

Thanks so much for reading this and checking the app, even if it's not for you and you have no intention of purchasing it — I get it. You can follow me on Twitter if you'd like, a new follow always makes me smile.

Making of this app